Membership Costs and Benefits

Online registration is now open for the 2023/24 season!

To access the online registration, visit the membership page of the website. To the right of the page you will see buttons with the option to register or renew your membership.

If you are renewing, you will be prompted for your AS number, name and date of birth. If you are unsure of your AS number, please use the AS Number Finder linked towards the bottom of the page. If you have at anytime specified an incorrect date of birth in the past, you will be unable to find your AS number and renew. Please contact Seth via the Membership email address ( we will sort it out.

Tax Deductible Donations; Australian Sports Foundation

Kingston Beach Sailing Club is fundraising with the Australian Sports Foundation to upgrade our changerooms, maintain the exterior of the building and improve facilities for increased community use. A donation of whatever you can manage, will make a huge difference to our plans as we will also be able to leverage to increase our success for Grant Applications! You can make a tax-deductible donation here: 


Family Memberships

This is important. Each family needs to have a Primary family member. When it comes to selecting a payment class, the primary family member should select “Family Membership ($455)”. Additional purchases are known as “Add-ons”. These include items such as Dinghy storage, Opti Hire and Junior Coaching (Greenfleet).

It is best if these are included under the primary member otherwise a separate invoice will be generated for each family member.

Once add-ons have been selected, complete the rest of the required data for the primary member. The second adult should be registered as “Family Adult 2” and then each of the children as “Family Child 1, 2, 3, “etc.). Each of these payment classes are charged at $0.00. If registering as a family, do not register any members as Seniors or Juniors or you will be charged the wrong rate on your invoice.


Discounts for Tacker Courses are available for families, and a discount code will be provided in the confirmation email for family membership registration.


Other Payment Classes

There are other payment classes for Seniors and Juniors, Life Members, Volunteers and Instructors. The intent of the Instructor Payment Class is to register people who instruct for the club but are non-sailing members.

Parents of Juniors and any others who volunteer for the club as part of the duty roster should register as Volunteers (if they are not already registered as part of a Family Membership). This ensures that they receive club communications and are covered for insurance purposes.


Add-ons are additional purchases on top of your membership fees and include boat storage, Optimist Hire and Junior Coaching. If you are hiring an optimist for GreenFleet then you do not need to select the Junior Coaching add-on as coaching is included in the hire fee. GreenFleet sailors with their own boat should select the Junior Coaching add-on.

Hoodies, Polos and Bibs and Canteen Cards

These are now ordered separatel y from the registration process. You can do this by visiting the club’s online shop at any time during the season and placing your order there. These will be available for collection at the club.


For registrations and purchases you have two payment options. Upon registration, you will be taken to a payment page where you can either download an invoice for payment by direct deposit or you can pay immediately online via credit card using the PIN Payments system. Please note that a surcharge applies to PIN Payments and is currently $1.60 plus 2% of the transaction value. This will be added to the invoice total.


Please report any membership issues to


A copy of the Terms is available in the panel to the right of the registration page. Please read these prior to registering or renewing as the form requires acceptance of the terms.

On completion of registration, you will be able to download an invoice for payment by direct deposit (please use the invoice number and your surname as reference).

You are now able to pay your membership fees by credit card using the PIN Payments gateway. Please note that a surcharge applies to PIN Payments - currently $1.60 plus 2% of the transaction value.

Dinghy storage is subject to availability. There are limited spots available in each class. Storage is available to paid up members only and you must sail regularly. Available spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. For dinghy storage enquiries, please contact the Dinghy Storage Coordinator (Jenny Graney).

For assistance with registration and renewals, please email the Database Coordinator -

Membership Fees    
MF1 Family membership. Two parents or guardians and their MF 4 children. (One Tackers membership TAK1, TAK2 or TAK3 included) $455.00
MF2 Senior (18 years and over as at 1/9/23) $320.00
MF3 Junior (Under 18 or Full time Student 18 years and over as at 1/9/23) $250.00
MF5 Life Membership $0.00
MF7 Volunteer/Honorary (at discretion of committee)


MF8 Kayak Membership $165.00
AF1 Associate (non sailing) $50.00
Sailing School Fees    
TAK1 Tackers 1   $300.00
TAK2 Tackers 2   $300.00
TAK3 Tackers 3   $300.00
SSJT Junior Training (full season)  
SSOH Fibreglass Opti Hire (half season)  
SSSH Sabot Hire (full season)   $215.00
SSMH Mirror Hire (full season)  
Subsidiary Fees Member Non-Member
SF1 Boat storage $185.00 NA
  Kayak Storage $185.00 NA
SF3 Visitors Sailing Fee (boat and crew) $10.00 $10.00
  KBSC Clubhouse Hire (plus bond) $100.00 $200.00
  Pacer Hire (afternoon) $20.00 $60.00

KBSC Courses offered during season

  • Power Boat Handling Course

  • Rescue Boat Operators Course

  • VHF Radio Operators Course

  • First Aid Course

  • Racing Rules Course

  • Race Day Operations Course

Club Races and Class Fees

  • Requires member to sign Race Entry part of membership form.

  • Members responsible for any Class association fees.

Sailing at Other Clubs

  • YA Card holders may sail at other Yachting Tasmania affiliated Clubs upon paying any prescribed visitor fees and completing the online SAILPASS

  • KBSC supports the Tasmanian Sailing Academy, and provided that Academy members maintain their KBSC membership, they will be granted Honorary membership of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and allowed to store their boats at RYCT whilst participating in Academy events (subject to availability)