Committees 2023/24

C ommittees

General Committee  
Sam Bailey  Anne Reynolds   David Graney    
Scott Foster Quentin Hunt Shane Hilder   Michael Bird
Sailing School
Principal Stephen Reynolds  0410 996 359
Coordinator Jenny Graney 0421 064 590

Sailing Committee

Laser: Sam Bailey

Skiff: Scott Foster

Mirror: Jenny Graney

Junior: Tony Miller

Other positions

Covid Safety; Anne Reynolds

Web: Anne Reynolds

Bosun: Michael Bird/Quentin Hunt

Procedures and Policies: Anne Reynolds

Canteen Coordinator: Anne Reynolds

Social Media: Tony Miller/Seth Hilder

Website: Anne Reynolds

Handicapper: Tony Miller

Poliocies and Procedures Coordinator: Anne Reynolds

Database: Seth Hilder

Rosters: Jenny Graney

Dinghy Storage: Jenny Graney

Kayak Storage: Jenny Graney

Works Coordinator: Grant Atherton

Handbook: TBC

Cleaner: Altas Miller

Membership: Shane Hilder



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